Corporate Publishing Suite


From monthly newsletters to customer magazines and annual reports to company blogs and company television programs. As periodical corporate publications, they all belong to the communication discipline corporate publishing. Often it is the case that flexibility is needed when publishing to multiple channels in different formats. Our solution supports both, consistent design components that simplify the creative process as well as flexible workflows to introduce any content needed with full WYSIWYG in-context editing.

Product description

Fully fledged corporate publishing suite supporting the content delivery to multiple formats and channels. Write once and deliver everywhere from a single source or if needed take full control and customize per channel. Publish content to your websites, blogs, employee newspapers, customer magazines, business reports, annual reports, sustainability reports, etc. without ever leaving the same editor.


Multiple CMS tools to publish to multiple channels.

Inanimate forms that hinder creativity and provide no flexibility.

Complex editing workflows with steep learning curves.

Slow loading times and poor performance.

Limiting technologies that impede innovation.


Use a single editor to publish anywhere.

Intuitive in-context editing that allows your editors to see their visitors experience during the creative process.

Flexible and easily approachable editing workflows like drafting, proofreading or comments.

Sophisticated delivery pipelines that are system components living outside of your content creation system, providing blazing fast loading times and stunning performance.

Community driven and modern technology as the base and a highly customizable headless CMS on top - a perfect match for innovation.

Better Corporate Publishing

Take advantage of our expertise in digital publishing and the given flexibility of a headless CMS. Use a central web based editor to publish to a unlimited amount of digital presences. Easily adapt SEO metadata, accomplish stunning storytelling and integrate your existing tools for newsletters, live-chats or lead generation. You can always opt-in for the built in capabilities in order to send newsletters, push notifications etc. While the Corporate Publishing Suite consists of a carefully selected set of solutions, you're free to swap in your individual preferences at any time. All components in this suite can be adapted to your unique case.

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