Livingdocs CMS Integration:


Swisscom launched an all-encompassing entertainment experience with new offerings, new content and the freedom to access it anywhere: unifies the world of entertainment around Swisscom. This new hub unites the complete entertainment offering by Swisscom: Swisscom TV became blue TV, Teleclub relaunched as blue+, Kitag cinemas changed their name to blue Cinema and Bluewin is now named blue news. And at the start of 2021, 'blue gaming’ will launch a cloud gaming flat rate for the many casual gamers in the country.

Project description

The Livingdocs headless CMS is mostly loved and used by editorial teams of newspapers and magazines. With, Livingdocs entered the world of content marketing. A different type of users, more buttons and call to actions, translations, as well as an integration of various shops - those are the main areas where this landing page of a corporate offering differs from a newspaper landing page. Centralsoft was responsible for supporting the CMS Integration with e.g. custom editor modules and plugins. Furthermore we implemented the whole web delivery and hosting solution as well as custom cloud functions for dynamic content.


High-availability demand (99.5% uptime)

Fail-tolerant content delivery

Excellent performance demand (SEO ranking and user experience)

Multilingual content with in-context language switch

Dynamic content (QR-Code, Ecommerce products etc.)


By hosting the website on highly available cloud infrastructure and behind global CDNs we managed to meet the requirements and even exceed them.

Thanks to Static Site Generation (SSG) and continuous reduntant delivery of static files behind CDNs it was able to accomlish a completely fail-tolerant content delivery.

Statically served pages via global CDNs result in blazing fast pagebuilding. With extensive SEO metadata and settings that are completely editable inside the CMS, we were able to meet SEO expectations and exceed the demanded editor experience.

Well designed translation workflows and APIs allowed us to integrate an in-context language switch for visitors.

For dynamic content we applied concepts known from the JAM-Stack. In order to generate dynamic QR-Codes or display ecommerce products (digital shops etc.), we used so called Cloud-Functions (e.g. AWS Lambda) to lift the heavy work and provide dynamic content to the staticly served frontend.

Project delivered

Excellent editing experience with intuitive workflows for corporate and content marketing. The pages are static on the cloud and can be sent directly to the end user at the highest speed (CDN) without any intermediate steps. This approach also ensures that even if the infrastructure does not work, i.e. the Livingdocs Editor and Server (CMS) are not available, a functioning page can always be delivered without the end user being affected. Livingdocs CMS turned out to be an ideal choice for corporate websites as well as content marketing hubs and we are proud of the result.

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