Livingdocs CMS Integration:


The new owners of the Berliner Zeitung decided to completely omit the old technology and radically modernize the publishing system behind their editorial office. We are grateful to have been part of the team that initially transitioned to the Livingdocs publishing system. The team consisting of CMS, digital transformation and publishing experts, only had a handful of weeks to accomplish a first but comprehensive Livingdocs integration. We accepted the challenge and together with Livingdocs, Netcetera and Core, we delivered just in time and in under four weeks.

Project description

The whole technology stack has been replaced with carefully selected components that are powered by modern and well architectured software. Easily it was possible to support the requirements of the previous system and exceed the expectations of the new owners, the newsroom and the whole editorial staff. With the transition to Livingdocs, the integration team improved the overall editing experience, visitor experience and provided ideal circumstances for further innovations and improvements.


Extremely short deadlines

Multiplatform content delivery

Multilingual sections hosted in German pages


Thanks to the well architectured, modular and headless CMS, it was possible to meet all deadlines and even excell customer expecations.

Livingdocs CMS supports multi-channel and multi-format content delivery by default, which allowed the integration team to move fast forward.

By having a very flexible metadata definition on publications, it was possible to introduce editor design components that automatically fetch the desired content by language.

Project delivered

"It was fast. Normally, such conversion projects take one year to design and two years to implement. Thanks to the Swiss product developers and implementation partners, we were able to launch the website, a redesign and the entire production system in record time on 8 November and roll out the native apps around two weeks later.” Aljoscha Brell, head of Berliner Newsroom GmbH. As Livingdocs premium partner, it was a tremendous and fulfilling experience for us to have been part of this huge team effort.

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