Multi-Device Geographic Information System (GIS)


Fully fledged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) often happen to be legacy solutions that include outdated technology and do not support the required programming interfaces needed to integrate platforms such as mobile, smart devices or cloud services. Take advantage of our expertise and get the full potential of open source GIS solutions on multiple devices such as mobile, desktop and smart devices. We run GIS solutions on highly available and redundant cloud infrastructure to provide a solid backend for multi device operations.

Product description

Choose from fully fledged open source or custom tailored GIS solutions to accomplish your operations. Whether you target fleet management, location based data warehousing or real-time tracking, we have you covered. Easily incorporate trends and innovation supported by the multiservices architecture we have in place. Experience location based data in a more intuitive and modern way.


Legacy software that blocks innovation and delivery to multiple devices.

Outdated user interfaces and complex workflows.

Migration to Cloud-Infrastructure difficult.


Modern architecture and technology that allows consumption of location based data on any device.

Intuitive user interfaces that support simple operative workflows.

Cloud native and ready software that can be extended to meet specific needs.

GIS redefined

Take advantage of our expertise and get your tailor made solution or choose from a well defined list of open source software and let us adapt it to your needs. Get ready for innovation and migrate to high availability cloud-infrastructure, reach out to get a free offer today!

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