Livingdocs Service Platform Development


As long-stading collaborators of Livingdocs, we gained deep insights into core components and overall architecture of the Livingdocs headless CMS. Although the team at Livingdocs keeps innovating on a fast pace, we managed well to align with the advancements and further support the innovation process. We gratefully took over tasks to extend the Livingdocs Service offering which is also called Livingdocs as a Service, the fully managed self-service publishing platform.

Project description

The Livingdocs service is a cost-efficient solution that offers the full power of Livingdocs as a service. All service customers are hosted on a secure cloud that offers comprehensive backups and redundancy as well as automatic software updates. Our tasks included implementing example projects, SDKs and improving the self-service abilities as well as providing onboarding tours and fully seeded sandbox projects for new users to get familiar with the headless CMS. All example projects also include an example content delivery that works both offline or by fetching the data from the service via the public Application Programming Interface (API).


Onboarding tours in the editor

Project builders that seed predefined projects

New project creation for self-service via sandbox

Example projects and deliveries

Software Development Kit (SDK) development


Thanks to a modular architecture, we magaged to introduce interactive onboarding tours that guide new users through the editor and keep track of the tour progress.

By having fully functioning project builders, it is possible to seed a fully-fledged publication format as a 'ready to integrate' project.

Project builders have been deeply integrated into the whole signup flow to create a sandbox project for new users.

End-to-end functioning example projects have been implemented to showcase different publication formats such as Magazine, Blog or Corporate Website.

In order to provide a seamless integration for developers, together with Livingdocs, we implemented a SDK with an integrated public API client to consume CMS data.

Project delivered

We are proud of the results as well as our premium partnership with Livingdocs. The Livingdocs Service is ready by now and it is being used in production already by various companies of all sizes. The fully-managed service can be used for up to 60 editorial users across 10 projects, including 5TB of traffic and 100,000 documents. Basic or extended SLAs can be included as well.

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