SESAM AG: Web and Mobile Platform Development


With our interdisciplinary team we worked on various web and mobile platform projects together with SESAM AG. We agreed to use a well defined set of technologies to have a common programming language as well as software frameworks across multiple platforms to take advantage of code sharing and re-use. By using cross platform technologies and well architectured software, we were able to speed up development and ship fast to various customers from a single base solution.

Project description

Together with SESAM AG we developed multiple web and mobile applications that serve many different customers. Based on modern cross platform technologies, we built a base solution that can be easily extended on a per customer basis. By having a common programming language for all system components, we were able to share common software packages between all platforms to reduce redundancy and gain speed to ship increments even faster.


Base product for many customers

Multi device and platform demand

Cloud integration for uploaded content


Thanks to a well architectured design, we accomplished the multi-OS and multi-customer solution delivery based on a modern base product that allows customer-level customization.

Using React as well as React Native was key to accomplish the multi device and platform demand that we achieved by incorporating custom project setups.

In order to serve multi tenant high availability storage, we incorporated cloud object storage into the system.

Projects delivered

Multi tenant, customer and platform solution delivery from a single source and optimised code re-using. We are proud of the results and our partnership with SESAM AG.

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