Onegate - The Online Gate to Your Business


For any successful business, developing and selling a good product or service is only half the battle. Providing your customers with good customer support is just as important. Onegate offers all the right tools to keep businesses in front of their customers so they can deliver a great customer experience.

Product description

Onegate provides an easy to set up, secure, customizable mobile and web solution that helps businesses transform into the digital age in a cost effective way. It’s a fully fledged process that enables online interactions between businesses and their customers. From customer relationship management to appointment scheduling, Onegate provided solutions have got you covered.


Use of a number of different software products to manage your operations. This leads to inefficiency and higher costs.

Spending large amounts of money and time by having a developer or agency building your mobile apps.

Risking being left behind your competitors by refusing to adapt to changes in customer demand.


A modern, secure and central solution to help you run your business. All under your brand.

Pay only a fraction of the cost compared to the alternatives. Get your mobile apps to your customers through App Store and Play Store in no time.

Gain competitive advantage by providing great value. Exceed your customer expectations.

Onegate is in private beta

Onegate is being used by a good number of businesses already. Feel free to reach out in order to join the private beta. We will soon launch publicly! With a simple and integrated process, Onegate generated apps are deployed to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We would love to hear your ideas


Whether you wish to launch a new app or website, integrate something new into your system or plan to increase capacity and efficiency with external support - we are excited to hear from you!