Pensionskasse :


There are over 1,000 pension funds in Switzerland. Pensionskasse make it possible for you to compare them quickly and easily. In doing so we will accompany you throughout the change and make sure that your job with us is financially secure.

Project description

Pensionskasse make pension funds comparable. And understandable Now you can just find a better pension fund. There is an incredible amount of untapped potential here, because many companies can get higher pensions or lower ancillary wage costs for their employees by changing jobs. There are over 1,000 pension funds in Switzerland – for the first time, we make it possible for you to compare them quickly and easily.


Development Expectations and Outcome

Ever-Changing Requirements


To ensure that the product outcomes align with expectations and requirements, a solid process and line of communication need to be established. Remember the following best practices. Define and agree on the scope of the project Communicate the needs and expectations between the development and ideation teams Involve users from the start of existing product refurbishment Consider UX from the start of new product development Create a clear, concise and thorough requirements document and confirm your understanding of the requirements Create a prototype to confirm and/or refine final agreed-upon requirements

Work closely with the end customer to understand why they need a particular problem solved. This will help in the refinement of the requirements and eliminate ones that are not essential to address the core problems the software is trying to solve.

Project Delivered

Centralsoft has been a valuable partner in providing the necessary technology and expertise to make the project a success. We are grateful for their support and look forward to further collaboration.

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