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We build tailored software solutions, do custom software engineering and accomplish comprehensive system integrations.

Our work


Nearshoring is becoming a popular choice as many companies begin to favor the close geographical proximity. Quite often nearshoring places the facility into similar time zones which improves communication and this allows us to be an ideal partner supporting complex projects. A team as a Service (TaaS) which stands out in terms of communication, commitment and quality.

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Our workflow

What we do?

Our software solutions help companies unleash their full digital potential. Our strongest asset is our team that consists of digital experts, interdisciplinary problem solvers and talented designers. All the right people that have the knowledge and experience to build outstanding software solutions. We push digitalisation with cutting-edge technology and sustain long-term investments with future proof and battle tested software. Our team is devoted to building tailored software solutions, doing custom software engineering and to accomplish comprehensive system integrations.


We challenge ourself to be a world’s partner that brings you today the digital change of tomorrow, we believe in growing through facing new challenges and we strive to maximize potential on all four levels - individual, team, clients and technology.


Our goal is to be an outstanding software development company while being able to provide multi platform quality solutions in the competitive global marketplace. We want to be known as a reliable, highly available, innovative and user-centered software service provider in the IT industry.


We strive to produce the highest quality software available anywhere in the industry. Software that exceeds expectations and hides complexity with intuitive interfaces and elegant architectural designs.

Our tech landscape

We think that technology constitutes the difference, in terms of quality, efficiency and maintainability.

Data Management

Why we use Livingdocs

We teamed up with Livingdocs to enhance our services and bring digital presences to the next level. Livingdocs is a powerful headless CMS with a strong focus on customization that provides a full WYSIWYG experience with in-context editing, rich workflow integrations and so much more. If you care about the backend of your content delivery pipeline as well as the editing experience, then look no further and bring your documents to life!

What our customers say about us

"Pension funds are a complex subject, which makes the simple usability of the website all the more important. After an evaluation we decided for a headless CMS, which was perfectly implemented by Centralsoft. We would certainly use Centralsoft again."

- Florian Bodenmann

CEO at

We would love to hear your ideas


Whether you wish to launch a new app or website, integrate something new into your system or plan to increase capacity and efficiency with external support - we are excited to hear from you!