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Our mission is to help you benefit from the latest in technology, assist you to get your projects running quickly and efficiently, all of this cost-effectively. We have envisaged a world of enabled cross border cooperation in the digital sphere and we march towards this goal with one new team at a time, connecting our clients with high performing teams as a service.

Nearshoring with Centralsoft provides more oversight and control of the process for a higher quality product and this is a clear advantage, especially in difficult times when travel between countries is unstable and unreliable.

Why nearshoring?


Main quality that Centralsoft offers is a exposure to a huge talent pool and products will likely be of higher quality due to better control and efficiency.

Save Time

It’s much easier to contact with us when we are in similar time zones since the work hours are similar, this will, in turn, increase the likelihood of receiving responses quicker. When nearshoring, no early mornings or late nights are needed.


Nearshoring with us gives you direct access to a lot of talented professionals and experienced specialists. It gives oppurtunities to work with professionals who master the knowledge and skills required and pay all the attention and effort to their work.


We offer the opportunity to be as efficient with your resources as possible. You simply pass the work to our experienced team , who strikes a balance between speed and quality, while you can focus more on your core competencies.

Easier Assessment

Easier Assessment is because of common goals, culture, language. Preferences, localization, and regulations are all made to help companies and employees work in a smoother and more efficient environment.

Team as a Service (TaaS)

Selecting the right people for technology development projects and implementing the right set of technologies is as important as having precisely defined business objectives that your organization is set on achieving.

For that reason, in all our core software development services we put the choice of teams and technologies first and nearshoring with us is much easier.

As you can see, nearshore software outsourcing has great potential and can be a way out for a number of companies. Which allows to bypass language barriers and cultural learning curves and reduce travel expenses.

We would love to hear your ideas


Whether you wish to launch a new app or website, integrate something new into your system or plan to increase capacity and efficiency with external support - we are excited to hear from you!