CMS Integration

CMS Integration

Content Management Systems (CMS) try to hide and abstract away the complexity involved in digital publishing. An excellent CMS provides an intuitive editing experience that allows in-context and WYSIWYG editing of rather complex design components as well as comprehensive integrations of external services and content sources. Profound proofreading, collaboration and translation workflows allow to optimize content quality and meet high customer expectations with ease. Take advantage of our expertise and let us build together the CMS that you have been waiting for. Top-notch editing capabilities are waiting. Deliver content to as many channels, devices and formats from a single editor in an instant. Reach out to learn more or request a demo now.

Our Approach to CMS Integration


Requirements Engineering

At this stage, we gather the core features and plan the project. Based on the requirements we outline functionality and create user stories.


Design and Prototyping

After the first phase now the system and software design is prepared from the requirement specifications. Our team creates well-thought-out UI/UX screens that are simple and understandable for a better user acquisition and providing envision on how the platform will look.


Spikes and Integration

After gathering the requirements, we identify challenges (if any) and tackle them upfront to validate project success with the given requirements. Due to our profound expertise, we manage to deliver outstanding results quickly and implement the gathered requirements with agile methodologies.


Delivery and Maintenance

The product is continuously delivered to the customer by ensuring ongoing support and maintenance. Short and frequent feedback cycles allow to quickly adapt and improve the solution.


Easy Control and Maintenance

Simple workflow. Appropriate access with certain areas like code updates limited only to specialists. Content can be created, updated, and published by various team members, remaining in draft mode until everything has been thoroughly checked.


Optimized site for search engines through title tags, meta descriptions and keywords, search friendly URLs, and more. Easy to add redirects in the event that you need to unpublish or delete a page.

Quick and Easy Page Management

Create and publish content in a quick process.


Extendable functionality, through a large number of plugins and extensions.

Blazing Fast Delivery

Hosting on highly available cloud infrastructure with a global CDN edge network to accomplish a blazing fast delivery.

Our tech stack


Netlify CMS





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