Livingdocs CMS Integration: Swisscom TV


Swisscom provides the biggest set-top box TV offer for end-users in Switzerland. They managed to acquire the rights for a great sports program, with UHD transmission of the FIFA soccer World Cup and full rights on all games of the UEFA Champions League among others. Sports is becoming a major driver for Swisscom TV. Centralsoft joined the project since it's foundation and is continuously supporting the integration, development of new features and redesigns of various formats.

Project description

Livingdocs is the new backbone for Swisscom's News & Entertainment branch. The delivery encompases a mobile E-Mail client, a web news portal and a TV set-top-box. Together with Livingdocs and Swisscom, we incorporate new trends, features and comprehensive integrations to provide visitors a great experience.


Content delivery to TV devices

Interactive components such as galleries and context aware related content

Integration of universal TV asset search


Custom approach and format to push content to TV devices

Multi-format content delivery to satisfy advanced scenarios

Fully integrated TV assets workflow with flexible search and filters inside the CMS editor

Project Delivered

Centralsoft is supporting the whole project since the beginning and we are proud of the results as well as the partnership. Swisscom uses Livingdocs to edit TV screens. Content dossiers give TV watchers an enhanced experience and engaging content at the click of a TV remote.

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