CMS Integration:


Livingdocs first came to Bluewin’s attention at Pirates Hub, the innovation hub of Swisscom. A first pitch was organized. Seeing the components move around on the page in real-time, content being edited inline and published in a matter of milliseconds, Bluewin’s head of portal was hooked. Centralsoft joined the project since it's foundation and is continuously supporting the integration, development of new features and redesigns of various formats.

Project description

Bluewin is the second largest news site in Switzerland. The company started out as an internet provider and like many providers they set the start page of the installed browser ( and offer an email address ( The brand belongs to Swisscom, the largest telecom enterprise in Switzerland. Together with Livingdocs and Swisscom, we incorporate new trends, features and comprehensive integrations to provide visitors a great experience.


Speed up news agency imports and publishing

Enhance editing options of the newsroom

Publish to news portal (web), e-mail client (iOS & Android) and Swisscom TV (tvOS)


With sophisticated importing capabilities we accomplished instant publishing of over 1000 article imports per day.

New formats like long-form and enriched sports offering, many content integrations and new Video streaming components as well as complex content scheduling rules.

Frictionless content delivery to Swisscom TV set-top devices, mobile devices as well as the web portal formats.

Project delivered

Centralsoft is supporting the whole project since the beginning and we are proud of the results as well as the partnership. The solution encompases the content delivery to mobile apps, various channels and formats as well as to TV devices - all from a single source.

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