Why we use Livingdocs

After trying many CMSes we settled with Livingdocs as our preferred system. Livingdocs has a beautiful and modern editor that provides an amazing editing experience through full WYSIWYG support and inline editing. It also provides an intuitive and easily approachable layout system and useful publishing features such as author management and cross-linking. Components give you a flexible way to iterate on your design and intuitively work on a page. The streamlined setup allows you to create arbitrary content types and allows for fast, reliable and maintainable integrations.

With Livingdocs you give your editors a document service that provides the power and flexibility of a CMS yet is as easy to use as building blocks. Don’t waste time on inanimate forms, Livingdocs allows you powerful editing capabilities for any target platform with minimal friction.

See the following video or visit livingdocs.io for further information.

What we offer

As core contributors to Livingdocs, we are very fimiliar with the solution and possess a deep understanding of possible use cases it can be used for and in what way.

livingdocs and centralsoft logo

Speaking of use cases. Any application where content is an integral part, could seriously benefit from integrating Livingdocs. Some examples:

  • Storytelling
  • Real Estate presentation
  • Tourism attraction
  • Customer engagement
  • Product documentation
  • many more...

Furthermore, Livingdocs natively supports the delivery of documents to multiple channels and platforms. Editors only have to write once, click on publish and consumers will see the content shine on any thinkable device in almost no time!

We offer a full integration of Livingdocs, as your main solution or as part of your existing system.

Interestend in a real world example? See the Swisscom Case or get in touch for a personal presentation.