Challenges, Goals and Results

Bluewin is the second largest news site in Switzerland. The company started out as an internet provider and like many providers they set the start page of the installed browser ( and offer an email address ( The brand belongs to Swisscom, the largest telecom enterprise in Switzerland.


The newsroom faced the challenge that editors were unhappy with their current system, Adobe CQ5. The system caused huge lags in its setup, keeping editors waiting for minutes before an article could be published. In addition, they imported a lot of articles from news agencies and once the importer was running hot (about twice a day) the whole system could become unresponsive for up to 30 minutes, leaving editors idling around waiting for timeouts to cease. All in all, a lot of productivity was lost.


Their goal was to speed up imports of publications coming from news agencies and enhance editing options for their newsroom. The solution should provide the ability to publish to the news portal, e-mail client and Swisscom TV using the same system.

swisscom dot
Integrated with the bluewin mail clients, catches readers attention while they're checking their mails.
bluewin dot
Scalable frontend application that builds the finished page with ads and analytics.
livingdocs dot
Delivering content for all clients on various platforms.
swisscom dot
Swisscom home entertainment system with over 2 Million sold set-top boxes in Switzerland.


  • Improved editing workflows, inline editing and instant publishing
  • 1000+ article imports per day
  • Enriched sports content on the portal
  • FIFA World Cup & UEFA Champions League on Swisscom TV

Editor Showcase: Swisscom TV

Swisscom provides the biggest set-top box TV offer for end-users in Switzerland. They managed to acquire the rights for a great sports program, with UHD transmission of the FIFA soccer World Cup and full rights on all games of the UEFA Champions League among others. Sports is becoming a major driver for Swisscom TV.

editor showcase example
Swisscom uses Livingdocs to edit TV screens. Content dossiers give TV watchers an enhanced experience and engaging content at the click of a TV remote.

Editing Features

  • Full WYSIWYG Experience: See what you'd get on the TV while editing in real-time
  • Integrated TV Asset Search: Integrated search for arbitrary TV broadcasts, series and events
  • Asset customization: Ability to customize teasers to TV content
  • Content Scheduling: Optional timing for content bands
  • Multi Language: Multilingual content